Vidmate v5.4

VidMateOnline video streaming is one of the biggest markets these days, there is a number of big and small fishes in the market of video streaming like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and many other service providers, but the problem with these websites is that they are not actually providing us the downloading option. To solve this problem, we have one very famous and popular application name as Vidmate. Every one of us must be already aware of this application because of its great functionalities. Vidmate allows us to download videos from Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and from many more 1000+ websites. It is one of the leading applications to download videos from the internet. VIDMATE not only allows to download videos but also allows us to stream videos online. VIDMATE is providing all these services at free of cost and this is the quality which is making this application so much popular among the users. Following are the important features of vidmate.

Features of Vidmate v5.4

  •   Vidmate has a very large pool of content with a great quality of videos.
  • The graphical user interface of VIDMATE is the thing which is actually making buzz among its users because it’s so simple and attractive at the same time. It runs smoothly on the device without any lagging issues.
  • Vidmate has regular updates from time to time with fix bugs and better performances.
  •  Vidmate also doesn’t share the data of users with third-party.
  • Vidmate also provides the feature of converting videos into mp3.
  • The downloading speed in the VIDMATE application is also one of the important plus points of this application.

How to download Vidmate v5.4?

We can download this application directly from the link given here-

Download Vidmate