Vidmate v2.33

VidMateAll of us want to download videos and save it in a storage device permanently in case there is no internet facility and you’re getting absolutely bored. VidMate, a very famous application allows you to download any videos from any site including YouTube. It is faster, easy to use and has a highly
friendly interface.

Features of Vidmate v2.33

This application is popular for its amazing and unique features which are listed below.

  • HD quality movies and series can be downloaded from Vidmate.
  • The speed with which it downloads videos is unmatchable. It’s faster than most of the apps.
  • If the video is not from YouTube, it allows you to alter its format and size of the video.
  • The app does not charge you anything for using it.
  • Easily access videos available on the internet.
  • Drop and drag builders which is available in the application is absolutely free.
  • Security suite which is provided by VidMate to its users comes free.
  • In case you want to download movies, it will give you 20 such platforms to do so.
  • Downloading limits for each day is not set.
  • Watch TV shows, live videos and movies in the application.
  • It has approximately 130 live channels.

How to download Vidmate v2.33?

VidMate can be downloaded in Mac and Windows. For phone versions, it is available for both Apple and Android devices. Switch the installation from unknown sources on if you are an android user. Follow the link, select correct instructions that are provided to download the application.

Download VidMate